Yvonne Bignall

Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Author, Chief Confidence Officer!

Meet Yvonne Bignall, MIoEE, entrepreneur, MD & Chief Confidence Officer at YvonneB Limited. She is an award winning personal development trainer, qualified mentor & coach, as well as the creator of Launching Women Into Business, a personal & business development programme. Yvonne is a single mother, a believer of keeping things real and an endorser of living a fun & healthy life.

Yvonne was made redundant over 10 years ago at the age of 38; a time when she had thought she would be settled and ‘comfortable’ in her life. Instead she was left feeling out in the cold, unsure of whether she had failed to deliver in her role or just no longer wanted. How would she cope financially? She had her son to look after, her home to pay for and at 38, she was faced with the difficulty of getting a job in a market place full of degree educated individuals. Worse still the more she thought about getting another job the less she wanted one.

Her confidence was floored but the reality was she got bored with feeling sorry for herself. So she took action… Within 6 weeks of her redundancy she was back in contract work and within a year she started her own business; a challenging period of growth requiring her to constantly step outside of her comfort zone.

Yvonne is on a mission to inspire women to unlock their potential. Through her own life experiences Yvonne believes that when you decide to take responsibility for the results in your life you are better positioned to make decisions that bring the best into your life. It’s about being a decision maker and an action taker! It is about being the best version of you.

Yvonne has helped numerous women gain more confidence to do the things they have been telling themselves they couldn’t; inspiring confidence and unlocking potential.

Yvonne Bignall, CCO – Chief Confidence Officer!

MAPP Practitioner
ASTD Consulting Skills Certified
ASTD Designing Learning Certified
Synchronous Trainer
WorldHost™ Customer Service
Master Life Coach with AUNLP
NLP Practitioner with AUNLP
CMI Level 5 Coach & Mentor
Associate Trainer
Women 1st Mentor
Member: Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs
Member: Personal Development Bureau




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