Summit Speakers

These are your expert Summit speakers

Andrew Sharman

Andrew Sharman
Andrew Sharman Safety & Risk Consulting


Kathryn Tristan
Research Scientist
Faculty of Washington University School of Medicine.


Judy Byrne
BA (hons) in Psychology
EFT Founding Master


Kyle MacDonald
Registered Psychotherapist

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts
Speaker and Author
EFT Master and Master Trainer,Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner


Linda Binns
“The Breakthrough Energy Expert”


Bryan Toder
Speaker and Author
Professional Hypnotist,
Owner of Plymouth Hypnosis Center


Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier
Social Confidence Coach, EFT Expert


Bernie Siegel,
Author, Speaker,
Assistant Clinical Professor,
Retired From Yale

Linda Popky

Linda Popky
Founder and President
Leverage2Market Associates

Dan Caro

Dan Caro
Inspirationalist Keynote Speaker – Drummer – Author

dan-coppersmithDan Coppersmith
Healing Artist, Author and Speaker


Dr. Friedemann Schaub
Speaker and Author
Author of The Fear & Anxiety Solution

Jacqueline Fairbrass

Jacqueline Fairbrass
Holistic Health & Wellness Expert​​ & Founder, School of Complementary Therapies​

Yvonne Bignall
Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Author,
Chief Confidence Officer

Terry Healey

Terry Healey
Speaker, Author, Consultant, Cancer Survivor

Sandra Abell Sandra Abell
President, Inside Jobs Coaching Company

debra-payneDebra Payne, PhD,
Founder of Happily Moving On, LLC

diana-demarDiana Demar
Author, Speaker, Authentic Confidence Coach/Consultant

David HanscomDr. David Hanscom
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

jane-shureDr. Jane Shure
Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker
Co-Founder of The Resilience Group

steve-rizzoSteve Rizzo,
The Attitude Adjuster, Speaker, Author

colin-ellisColin Ellis,
The Self Improvement Coach, Therapist