How to Deal with Loneliness and Overcome your fear ?

deal with loneliness

Everyone has times when they feel lonely for some reasons or maybe they have chosen to be alone. For some people, this experience can be positive, satisfying and refreshing but for some, it can cause fear amounting to phobia. These people are so afraid of being alone that they feel unsafe to the extent that…

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Overcoming the Fear of Dark

Fear of Dark

As a child, many of us were afraid of the dark and a mere sound of any bump or rustling shutter in the night will fill us with terror! While the fear of dark or Achluophobia is a very common fear among children however many adults also suffer from this fear. This pesky fear of…

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How to Conquer your Fear of flying ?

Conquer your Fear of flying

Do you wish to travel to your dream destinations but the idea of flying put you off from taking any actions? This is called aerophobia or the fear of flying and this is something many people suffer from. Statistically though, flying is one of the safest ways to travel but still many people suffer from…

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How to End Your Fear of Love ?

End Your Fear of Love

Love is the most common emotions in the world and yet so many of us fear of falling in love. This fear is called philophobia and almost everyone who suffers from philophobia has their own set of reasons for it. The reasons may range from being fearful of the consequences of love or may be…

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Letting Go of Negative Thoughts


Do you often have to battle with dispiriting or negative thoughts in your mind? If yes, know that you are not alone. In our day-to-day life all of us battle with negative thoughts in our mind which prevents us from doing any creative thinking. Generally negative thoughts arise from worry, fear or doubt. At the…

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Dealing with a Fear Of Death


Are you one of those people who have an intense fear of death? This fear of death is so strong that it takes away all your life’s happiness. Sometimes anxiety can cause a number of fears and the constant fear of death may also be the result of anxiety. However, the fear of death may…

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Overcoming your fear of self-doubt


Honore de Balzac once said “When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” In our day to day life we face many challenges. Very often these challenges bring fear in our mind and can hold us back from achieving our goals. That goal can be anything – a change in our career…

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Overcoming a Fear of Rejection


Many phobias and fears have roots in the physical world – but few can truly impact all aspects of our lives so deeply as the fear of rejection. It’s raw emotion – and it truly speaks to our highest vulnerabilities. No one likes rejection – and, to some extent, we are all afraid of it.…

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Learn to Conquer Obsessive Worry


Everyone worries in life… In your personal life, you are worried about doing the best job you can as a parent and seeing your children grow up healthy and to be successful. In your professional life, you may worry about completing a report to your management’s expectations and satisfaction or adequately researching in advance of…

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Disinfect From Your Fear of Germs for Good


They’re everywhere! Normal places everyone defends against – think toilet seats, remote controls, kitchen counters, etc. – sure, but they’re also lurking on every common surface out there. Beverage cans, your credit cards, money, seats and benches at the park – the list is endless. Everyone knows that they’re out there – and many take…

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