Overcoming the Fear of Dark

Fear of Dark

As a child, many of us were afraid of the dark and a mere sound of any bump or rustling shutter in the night will fill us with terror! While the fear of dark or Achluophobia is a very common fear among children however many adults also suffer from this fear. This pesky fear of the dark can be very exhausting for anyone involved and makes the person believe that evil things will harm him in the dark. Sometimes this fear of darkness may impact someone’s life to an extent that s/he may not sleep until the lights are turned on.

What causes the fear of darkness ……..

A person may experience an emotional trauma associated with the particular fear when he was a child which may develop into Achluophobia when he grows up. Unfortunately, we cannot completely avoid darkness. This makes the phobia all the more debilitating.

How to deal with your fear of darkness…

The fear of darkness is actually an irrational fear. It is actually the belief of bumping into scary things in the dark places that leads to the fear. In order to deal with these irrational fears you need to challenge your fears and discover that there is actually nothing to be afraid of. When you get into your bed at night and switch off the lights, and as soon as the fear grips you, get up from your bed and face the fear. If you think there is something in the closet or behind the chair, get up and check the place. When you will find that there is nothing to be worried about, you will be at ease with yourself. Tell yourself that the sooner you will check on your fear, the sooner you will feel better since you will not spend the night worrying about the unknown.

Another way to ease the anxiety you feel when the lights are turned off is to meditate. Just 10 minutes of meditation will banish all your anxious thoughts from your mind. Focus on your breath as you breathe in and breathe out and let your body relax. You can also listen to your favorite music or play with your pet. Avoid anything at night that will stress you out and make you more anxious.

Take it step by step. If you feel uncomfortable to sleep in a completely dark room you can use a nightlight or a soft dim light in your room. Many people sleep with a dim light in their room and you should not worry about thinking that you can’t overcome your fear until you sleep in total darkness.

May be you are afraid of the dark because of the imaginary things you associate with darkness. You need to change your conception about darkness. You need to form positive associations with darkness such as imagining that darkness is actually calming or comforting just like a comforting velvety blanket. It will soon help you to embrace darkness rather than fearing it.

By changing your emotions you are actually changing your thoughts thereby changing certain beliefs that trigger these emotions. By changing your beliefs about darkness you will no longer fear darkness!

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