Overcome Your Fear of Personal Relationships and Find Value


We all have different personality types – but even introverts need people to talk to and, more than that, to connect to. Personal relationships are just that – they’re personal – and they require us to let other people in and get to know us in addition to us making the effort to get to know someone else. However, unfortunately, not everyone places importance on this and more than that, some people deliberately avoid making personal relationships.

Not only do personal relationships require time and effort, but they also put us at risk. Risk of having someone hurt us, risk of us getting invested in someone who could leave, and risk of betrayal.

Yet, personal relationships are a critical part of what makes humans human, not to mention that it is important to our overall health and well being and can also benefit us professionally.

If you find it difficult to make personal relationships, it is important that you face your fears and move past them.

About the Fear of Personal Relationships

Personal relationships come in many different shades – they might include close colleagues, friends, or even a romantic connection. Each type of relationship is different, but they all have the same base requirements: making a connection.

People who have a fear of personal relationships have a fear of allowing this connection to occur. It does not mean that they avoid talking to people all together – in fact, some people who have a fear of personal relationships can be downright social butterflies, socializing comfortably with complete strangers. It isn’t necessarily the socialization that they fear; it is the long term relationship.

People who experience a fear of developing and maintaining personal relationships often experience the following feelings, thoughts, and symptoms:

  • Annoyance at recurring social requests from the same people
  • A need to continually move and put themselves in new situations
  • Restlessness
  • Lack of investment in others
  • Lack of sympathy or empathy
  • No desire to make long-term plans that involve others
  • Minimal established social connections
  • Lack of social media presence

Unfortunately, a lack of personal relationships not also devalues our lives and our impacts on society, but it can also negatively impact our work performance and progress.

Professionally, performance plays a large part in upward mobility – however, it is not solely responsible. Often times, it is the personal connections and relationships that play a great role in discovered opportunities and earned positions. By failing to develop lasting relationships – even those of a professional nature, people who fear personal relationships are depriving themselves of professional opportunities.

Personally, people who fear personal relationships have a tendency to end up alone. Sure, to them it is by their choice, however, it is a sad existence to go through life never connecting to another in a lasting way. It also removes their options to fall in love, experience building a life with someone, having children, and any number of other life experiences.

The fear of personal relationships – though personal – can extend into our personal and professional lives. And though it may not be as polarizing as other conditions, it is certainly not without its negative repercussions.

Take control of your life and begin opening doors that you didn’t know existed by facing your fear and overcoming it for good.

Overcoming the Fear of Personal Relationships

Overcoming a fear of personal relationships often requires various forms of cognitive and behavioral therapy. This fear could be rooted in any number of experiences, such as having been hurt deeply by a friend or abandoned and rejected by a former romantic interest. By exploring these feelings and experiences, we are able to better learn about the fear’s origins and begin to build resistance to the fear and open receptiveness.

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