How to Overcome Cynophobia ?


No doubts dogs are wonderful animals and are considered to be a man’s best friend. They can bring endless joy into your life in so many ways. We are eternally grateful for this mutually gratifying relationship with our dogs and yet there are so many of us who have an extreme fear of dogs. This fear of dogs is called cynophobia and is often a result of a bad experience with dogs in the past or may be a lack of early exposure to them. People who suffer from cynophobia often stress out by the sight of a dog even at a distance. This kind of fear can be controlling and can negatively affect a person’s life since there is a high chance that you will encounter dogs in your everyday life.

Persons suffering from cynophobia often believe that encounters with dog will result in an attack and thus how frightening the situation will be. Such repetitive thoughts will eventually create a deep pattern of emotion that may escalate and evolve into more deep fears.

Methods for overcoming the fear of Dog

If you are a cynophobic person, it may be very difficult to remain calm when you encounter a dog but always remember that dogs truly have no intention of hurting you. There are several techniques that you can use to overcome the fear of man’s best friend! It is always helpful to read dog’s behavior so that you can understand what a dog is likely to do. Dogs mostly communicate through their body. So if you learn about their behavior it will be easy for you to identify what they are trying to communicate. For example, a low tail wag signifies friendly intention whereas a stiff tail wag high above the back signifies a dog is tense and may not like it if you come closer. Another way is to simply watch dogs from a distance. Visit a fenced park or go for a walk with a friend of yours who have a dog and watch the dog’s behavior as he passes people. Watching a friendly dog will help you recognize friendly approaches and will go a long way in overcoming your fear.

It is most likely that there are some underlying beliefs and thought patterns that are influencing your fear. Therefore, it is important to do some psychological digging to unearth those negative thoughts. Once you identify those negative thoughts whether with the help of a therapist or spending some time alone reflecting on your thoughts, you can than work on replacing these thoughts with more positive ones. At the same time, try relaxation techniques where you will learn to control your fears. Practice positive mantras with deep breathing techniques and visualization exercises which will help you to stay calm in any stressful situation.

The good news is that this is just a phobia and can be easily treated. The best treatment is to start petting and playing with a friendly dog and enjoy the company. You will soon notice that your fear of dogs will naturally overcome and you might end up adopting one!

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