How to End Your Fear of Love ?

End Your Fear of Love

Love is the most common emotions in the world and yet so many of us fear of falling in love. This fear is called philophobia and almost everyone who suffers from philophobia has their own set of reasons for it. The reasons may range from being fearful of the consequences of love or may be it stems from a failed relationship in the past etc. Whatever may be the reason, any individual who has a fear of love will try to avoid long conversations with other individuals for fear that it may result into a love affair.

A person who has a fear of love generally develops a negative frame of mind towards love. S/he feels that by staying away from love he is actually out of harm’s way. But unfortunately, it is also keeping you away from having a close and loving relationship. In relationship, fear plays a big role and it is also harder to identify the fear sometimes. And if you do not identify your fear it is more likely that you will not be able to attract a healthy relationship into your life.

Overcoming the fear of love…..

The first step to end your fear of love is to recognize that you have it. If you recognize that you have it, finding a solution is much easier. In any relationship, the only person that you can change or control is yourself. By being open to love you can change a major portion of your fear. Let yourself accept the wonderful feelings of affection, care, intensity and warmth with open arms. At the same time, let your own feelings of love show for the other person because when you let the other person feel your love, it becomes very easy for the other person to feel safe about reciprocating his/her mutual affection.

When you start to feel love for someone, it may happen that the past starts disturbing you. In such situations, remind yourself every time that this is a different person and a different situation. Tell yourself that now you are wiser and emotionally healthier than you were. You have learnt from your past experiences and have move forward leaving the past behind. Now you are ready for this new beginning, so make the move as it is going to be worth it for both of you. You can also take the help of a therapist or you can talk it with someone whom you trust because often talking does the trick.

Sometimes you are not so much worried about your past as about the future. You may be constantly worried about the future of your relationship and spent a great deal of time and energy on “what if this does not work out?” When such thoughts grips you, remind yourself that the energy spent in a relationship is never wasted. And each relationship teaches you many things about others and yourself.

Always remember that you are not alone in feeling worried about love. The more you meet people in your life the more you will notice this. And when you meet likeminded people, slowly and gradually you will observe positive changes in your thought process. Be in a relationship where your partner helps you in your journey of self-discovery as well as in discovering the other person who cares for you. For this to happen, you have to be meet more and more people in your life. Give yourself sometime and take proactive measures for leaving your fear behind.

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