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Fear vs. Phobia?

All of us have fears or phobias – some more concrete and others founded in our imaginations. It’s completely normal to have them and, at times, they help us to become better versions of ourselves and to push our own limits and selves to achieve higher and better outcomes. That said, this is not always the case; fears and phobias can hold us back from life experiences and from our success – these self-imposed limitations hinder our development and achievements. It is the latter of these two cases that we will focus on, exploring how to break through these fears and phobias to better take control of your own life.

Fear or Phobia

Are fears and phobias the same or two separate entities? Most dictionaries agree in defining a fear as a distressing emotion aroused by a specific threat or impending event – an effect of something that causes fear and apprehension. In contrast, most dictionaries’ definitions for the word “phobia” relate to a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation. The difference is subtle, but it is there.

For example, you might “fear” spiders – however, that fear is likely something that carries with you day in and day out; this makes it a phobia. It is an ongoing fear – not entirely founded – that persists. That said, you may fear crawling into an abandoned building because you are likely to encounter spiders – this is a fear. Fear refers to a specific situation or event, whereas a phobia refers to a dislike or apprehension of a specific event or item on an ongoing basis that is not specifically situational.

The Top 15 Fears and Phobias

Because phobias are more ongoing in nature, whereas fears are situation-based, it is typically more common for people to share phobias than fears. The following are the top 15 fears and phobias as compiled from a variety of research and medical sources.

Acrophobia – Fear of heights

Claustrophobia – Fear of being in an enclosed space. Elevators, MRI machines, closets, and closed in hallways are all common culprits.

Brontophobia – Fear of thunder and lightening. This fear is most commonly found in children, though for some does extend into adulthood

Mysophobia – Fear of germs

Social Phobia – This excessive fear of social situations is intimitaly related to anxiety.

Necrophobia – Fear of anything related to death, including funeral homes, coffins, cadavers, hearses, etc.

Aerophobia – Fear of flight – this refers to more that simple plane rides, also extending to sports like hang gliding, parasailing, hot air ballooning, and others.

Carcinophobia – Fear of acquiring cancer. This particular phobia has grown exponentially as we as a society have learned more about and become more aware of various cancers.

Ophidiophobia – The fear of snakes

Agoraphobia – The fear of situations in which escape is difficult – this fear is sometimes explained as having a fear of open spaces. For example, people with agoraphobia might avoid large public gatherings, such as concerts or festivals. Approximately 33 percent of people with a panic disorder in time develop agoraphobia.

Trypanophobia – The fear of injections.Like many phobias, this fear often goes untreated because people avoid the triggering object and situation.

Nyctophobia – Fear of the Dark – This fear is common and generally found in children. It typically has onset around the time that the child begins developing a more active imagination and in most cases lasts just six months; if it lasts more than six months and causes extreme anxiety, the fear becomes diagnosed as a phobia.

Nosophobia –Fear of Having a Disease. This is related to hypochondriasis which is the persistent fear of having an unspecified disease. Sufferers of both spend ample time at the doctor’s office.

Fear of public speaking

Fear of failure

Every fear and every phobia is a bit different for each individual. Though all are treatable, the precise methods to treat each vary. Learn more about the various phobias and fears and how to conquer them to move forward with your life and success at the upcoming Break through Fear and Self-Doubt Summit 2014.

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Meet our Experts

Andrew Sharman
Andrew Sharman Safety & Risk Consulting

Judy Byrne
BA (hons) in psychology
EFT Founding Master


Kathryn Tristan
Research Scientist
Faculty of Washington University School of Medicine.

Kyle MacDonald
Registered Psychotherapist
Co-director,The Robert Street Clinic

Emma Roberts
Speaker and Author
EFT Master and Master Trainer,Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner

Linda Binns
“The Breakthrough Energy Expert”

Bryan Toder
Speaker and Author
Professional Hypnotist,
Owner of Plymouth Hypnosis Center


Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier,
Social Confidence Coach, EFT Expert

Bernie Siegel
Assistant Clinical Professor,
Retired From Yale, Author, Speaker

Linda Popky
Founder and President of Leverage2Market Associates

Dan Caro
Inspirationalist Keynote Speaker – Drummer – Author


Dan Coppersmith
Healing Artist and Author

Dr. Friedemann Schaub
Author of The Fear & Anxiety Solution


Jacqueline Fairbrass
Holistic Health & Wellness Expert​​ & Founder, School of Complementary Therapies​

Yvonne Bignall
Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Author
Chief Confidence Officer


Terry Tealey
Speaker, Author, Consultant, Cancer Survivor

Sandra Abell
President, Inside Jobs Coaching Company

Debra Payne, PhDDebra Payne, PhD,
Founder of Happily Moving On, LLC

Diana Demar
Author, Speaker, Authentic Confidence Coach/Consultant

David Hanscom

Dr. David Hanscom
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. Jane Shure

Dr. Jane Shure
Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker Co-Founder of The Resilience Group

steve-rizzoSteve Rizzo,
The Attitude Adjuster, Speaker, Author

Colin Ellis

Colin Ellis
The Self Improvement Coach, Therapist

Gain The Confidence To Take Control Of Your Life!

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How the Summit Works

“Break through Fear and Self Doubt Summit” is an online multi-speaker event where a series of experts are assembled to talk about how people can overcome fears, phobias, and gain the confidence to take control of their lives.

The summit will cover a wide range of topics in the area of fears, (business, social, and personal fears) various anxieties, phobias, self confidence, shyness, etc.:

Getting your new business started
Create Healthy Personal Relationships
Fear of Criticism and Feedback
Overcome Limiting Worries
End Shyness
Chronic Blushing
End Procrastination
Public Speaking Confidence
Obsessive worry

 21 speakers who are experts in their field are interviewed by me (James Nsien – the host) and the online event is launched over the course of 21 days for audience who register to attend the event virtually online. One pre-recorded interview is broadcast each day until all of the 21 experts’ interviews are broadcasted.

Gain The Confidence To Take Control Of Your Life!

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