Get over the Fear of Change

Get over the Fear of Change

Change can apply to many things. It can mean moving to a new place, a new job, a new relationship, or maybe you have lost someone close. Whether it is a good change or a bad change, it can leave you stressed. Sometimes even positive change causes anxiety in our mind because it requires adjustment in your day-to-day life. Therefore, it is essential to develop an optimistic mind-set towards the change which will encourage you to look at change as something constructive.

But there are some of us who really dread change. The uncertainty and the twist and turns that comes with a change becomes too much to bear. This fear is called Metathesiophobia where a person feels there is no control of his/her life due to the constant change. S/he starts to live in the past and may become depressed. Instead of becoming anxious and feeling guilty about it, adjust your outlook and you will realize that you are actually capable of overcoming your fear of change.

Coping with change….

How many times have you gone forward in spite of the doubt in your mind and later realized that your fear was worse than the actual change? Or perhaps you decided not to take the step and face the uncertainty. Whatever it may be, you are capable of overcoming your fear of change. Mostly change is out of your control but there are certain changes that you initiate such as seeking out a new job etc where you can take steps to put an end to your fear.

You can either choose to stay where you are and do exactly what you are doing without facing the unknown future. But this will give you temporary relief. However, if you decide to make the move and initiate the change, who knows you may actually transform your life and get what you want. The trick is to be curious of the change rather than being terrified. Be curious of what a change would mean for you rather then concentrating on worst-case scenarios. We fear change also because we think we have control over our life and when faced with a change we lose this false sense of control. While in reality we are never in control of our life. Don’t focus too much on the fear itself but try to incorporate it into your life and learn from it.

People who take big risk in life and embrace changes, face the same fear but come out victorious. Rather than letting fear of change paralyze them they go forward with a change accepting the truth that they cannot control the external events in their life. Have faith in yourself, take actions and work hard. At the same time, don’t let others shake your faith.

Change is an opportunity…

It is like an open door where lies opportunities that can be fully realized only when you face the uncertainty. The key to combat your fear of change is to face the fear itself and have faith in yourself. Its not even as hard as you think!

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