Fear of the Unknown and ways to embrace it


We all know that success can be achieved only when we do some actions. Often these actions require us to move into the unfamiliar territory. Every time an individual encounters unknown situation, a fear engulfs him and prevents him from taking right decisions in life. In such situations, normally a person chooses to run away from the situation, thus loosing certain opportunities in life. But to experience better opportunities in life, a person has to move away from his comfort zone. A fear of the unknown prevents the individual from leaving his conform zone.

The fear of the unknown is actually a mental obstacle that gets in the way of an individual’s ability to perform to the fullest. But by incorporating some changes in life one can get rid of the fear of the unknown. The ‘unknown’ can represent different things for different individuals. For some, it can be the fear of not knowing what you are going to bump into, while for some others the ‘unknown’ may trigger a fear of not being in control of the situation. The fear may also arise from lack of confidence or resources.

Embracing the unknown and getting rid of the fear…

We are afraid to move out of our comfort zone to reduce risk, but taking a bold approach to life has its own rewards. When you move out of your comfort zone and step into the unknown you will discover a whole lot of opportunities. For that to begin, first and foremost figure out the root cause of your fear. Try to find out what kind of situations you generally avoid and fear. Once you are aware of your fear and the cause of that fear, you will find it easier to overcome it.

There are some instances where the fear of the unknown are based on being ignorant of the facts. In such cases, it is important to become aware of the facts by educating yourself. For example, someone may fear of getting trapped in an elevator. If you have this fear, ask the liftman about any such instances and how to survive such a situation. When you will learn about the real risk and the facts involved, you will feel relieved and the realities will ease your fear.

Another method to overcome the fear of the unknown is to visualize in your mind some of your fears and the steps you will take to combat such fears. Imagine different ways you will undertake to fight your fear and practice this visualization technique daily. This technique will make you feel better since you will already triumph over your fear in your mind before you take the action. In addition, practice meditation to focus on the positives rather than focusing on your fears. When you will look into your fears you will find that there are actually many fears which will cause no harm to you in real life. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, try speaking in front of a small gathering that includes your family and friends. This will be your first baby step towards combating your fear.

Life is unpredictable. Nothing stays the same forever. It is up to you how you take the changes. This uncertainty can be seen as something to obsessively worry about or it can be viewed as something to look forward to and embrace the adventure of living and enjoying life.

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