The Fear Of Aging and How To Get Over It


It is a fact that many of us are afraid of getting old. We don’t want to lose our youthfulness and face the complications of aging and the health issues that are associated with aging. But there are some of us who are so scared of getting old that it starts interfering with our social and personal life. This phobia is called Gerascophobia, where a person experiences constant and irrational fear of getting old that affects his daily life. This fear is so dominant that it often leaves the person powerless and miserable.

Aging is an inevitable truth that each one of us has to face someday. But, we are all anxious about our approaching maturity since society has taught us to close the eyes to the wisdom and experiences that age brings with it and instead pay attention to weakness and ugliness. We now look at aging as a disease that needs to be cured.

How to find contentment with our aging process…

What it is about aging that we fear so much? Why do we consider the aging process to be so unfavorable? There are actually a number of factors that are associated with the fear of aging. Factors such as looking old and therefore being undesirable, decreased physical activity, pain and suffering, being alone, financial insecurity etc. However there are many ways to enjoy the maturity and find sense of contentment with your aging body. The key to enjoying the old age is to change the way you look at it. Often we are so preoccupied with the impending old age that we forget to welcome the changes and the mystery involved with it. Start experiencing old age as something wonderful and positive.

The older we get the more we desire to remain attached to someone special in our life. That special person may be a family member or your friend with whom you remain in regular contact. Stay in touch with that special person and hang around with him/her and you will get comfort knowing that your friend will relate to you not by your looks but how you feel inside. With true friends close by, we find a place full of peace and love. It is also utmost necessary to constantly connect with the freshness of life. You can do this through meditation or prayer that will give you an inner refuge and will help you connect with your spiritual side.

Another most effective way to deal with the most difficult sides of aging is to share your thoughts with those people who are going through the same stages. Staying connected with others should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. There are a whole lot of things to try and enjoy, all you need to do is get out of your comfort zone. Instead of sitting there and letting all kinds of negative thoughts enter your mind, go out and explore. At the same time, embrace the thought that growing old is a universal truth which every one of us will experience. Instead of living in an illusion, shift your focus on the present moment and start living your life properly.

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