Diana Demar

Best Selling Author, Speaker, CPC -Authentic Confidence Coach/Consultant

Diana Demar is a best-selling author who is regularly sought out for her opinion on life and business success strategies. She’s a speaker, coach, and founder of the Source of Wealth in You™ book series and self-empowerment technology. Demar writes extensively about confidence, awareness and how to utilize the power of the mind as a way to achievement, and fulfillment.

Diana Demar works globally with professionals, groups and organizations. She motivates people to attain results. Demar specializes in coaching from within, and assists individuals and groups to improve their emotional, mental, and physical well-being and happiness. Her first book, Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™, reveals the insights on how to reconnect to one’s personal power for lasting success.

The Source of Wealth in You™ is the origin of strength and potential each one of us is made of. The secret to success lies in restoring the link to this place. Diana strongly believes that everything is made up of energy and we’re connected through it. And because man is always distracted, such journey to perfection should then be redirected. This is the mission of The Source of Wealth in You™.

Diana Demar’s latest projects include “Cracking the Success Code”, a book co-authored with Brian Tracy, and, an upcoming novel about the current transformation taking place in our world on a global, and personal level. To learn more about Diana Demar, The Source of Wealth in You™, Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You ™, and to receive life-wisdom, practical solutions and answers look for her books. Connect with Diana Demar on:





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