Debra Payne, PhD

Founder of Happily Moving On, LLC

Hi, I’m Debra!

I was stuck in a rut for a very long time, and I know how difficult and frightening change can be. I spent decades caught up in dysfunctional relationships that caused me to feel miserable, fearful, and depressed. Although I always managed to function, I was never fully in alignment with my authentic self. I spent far too much time approval-seeking – imagining how others wanted me to be and continually coming up short.

What was all that suffering about, anyway? I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, and I love every minute of my now very joyful life. I am passionately devoted to helping divorced women transition to the lives they were meant to lead. I have experienced divorce, and I know how daunting each moment can seem at first. I help divorced women to not only conquer their fear and self-doubt, but also to transform all of that into actions and emotions that catalyze progress in fun, exciting ways!

I founded Happily Moving On to help create a structure around what I do – coach women on how to abandon stories that are keeping them stuck so they can move happily on in an authentic and powerful way.

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