Dealing with a Fear Of Death


Are you one of those people who have an intense fear of death? This fear of death is so strong that it takes away all your life’s happiness. Sometimes anxiety can cause a number of fears and the constant fear of death may also be the result of anxiety. However, the fear of death may be a phobia in itself and may not be the result of anxiety.

Fortunately there are ways to overcome the fear of death. And if you can face it, you will be able to live a really happy life and enjoy more peace.

Acknowledging the Fear of Death….

Allow yourself to think about death in a personal way. Set sometime aside to sit down and think for a moment. Take a paper and jot down the deepest darkest fears that you have. Without repressing, get it all out. It may seem daunting but it is necessary. It is the first step in dealing with your fear of death. Once you identify your fears you can then work on them. You will realize that acknowledging your fear and writing it down in a paper is liberating. It gives you power to move past your fear.

Overcoming the Fear of Death….

You may have noticed that there are times in which the fear of death creeps in, it overwhelms you and seize upon you. This is call triggers. Perhaps this fear of death is the result of witnessing death or being bereaved. May be you are still troubled by the effect of the death of someone and once that feeling subsides the fear of death will also leave you. But if you feel that you are still suffering from the effects than you must take the help of a skilled professional. She/he will help you to better deal with the stress in your life so that you can start enjoying the life that you are in and dwell less on the inevitable.

Of course, we all shall, one day depart this life. But the problem is, sometimes the fact that life is finite suddenly strikes us, and then this morbid fear of death stops us from living. But we can use this awareness of death to bring positive actions in our life. You may have noticed that the more you try to repress a thought, the more you dwell over it. So it is better not to completely avoid the thought of passing away, instead try relaxing deeply even as this thought crosses your mind. Because it is how you think about something that matters, not what you think about. If you start to think in a different way about the fear of death whilst feeling relaxed, you will notice that the fear no more grips you and you can even stop it completely.

By doing this, you will be able to prepare yourself for the future during any unforeseen circumstances. So this is the right time to start facing your fear of death. As John Maynard Keynes puts it “In the long run we are all dead”. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this journey. And when it happens to you or to any of your loved one, remember that nature has its own way of helping us managing things and rising above it.

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