How to Deal with Loneliness and Overcome your fear ?

deal with loneliness

Everyone has times when they feel lonely for some reasons or maybe they have chosen to be alone. For some people, this experience can be positive, satisfying and refreshing but for some, it can cause fear amounting to phobia. These people are so afraid of being alone that they feel unsafe to the extent that it starts to affect them. This fear is so strong that it drives them to do anything to avoid being alone.

The person who is terrified of being alone often has an innate desire to spend time with others. This need becomes overwhelming at times and s/he becomes extremely dependent on others. But the fact is that, this fear of being alone can mess with your life. It can make you insecure, anxious and depressed. So how can you turn this fear into a gift? You can surely do that if you understand that this is the time when you can be just with yourself! This is the perfect time to reflect on your inner self and be self-aware for personal growth.

Ways to embrace solitude and enjoy being alone….

In this fast paced society we are always on the go! It is actually very rare when you get time for yourself. This is the time when you can fuel your creativity and harvest the resources within you. These are the precious moments, so just gather your thoughts and relish the silence. This is the best time to get mental refreshment. You can pursue your interest and hobbies because this is time to fully concentrate on your hobbies without any interruptions.

You can also try some relaxation exercises to lower your anxiety levels. This will help you to relax and ward off panic attacks. Deep breathing exercises, meditation and aromatherapy are some of the easy techniques which you can try to overcome your fear and enjoy the time alone. Once you become relax about spending time on your own, you will realize that your overall social life also improved. When the desperation to be with others goes away, you can than really start to enjoy the times when you are with other people.

Also, many studies have been conducted to show that if people show gratitude they actually benefit from it. So when you show gratitude you are producing more positive energy which will lead to better health and above all you will feel less lonely. Many times it happens that when you are alone, you are actually not missing a person but the activities that you shared. So start doing things all by yourself to keep you busy. Go out for a dinner or a movie. At the beginning, you may feel a little awkward, but eventually you will realize that it is actually exciting to be all by yourself and out doing things! The truth is if you think you can’t spend time alone, you will become dependent on other people. It is all in your thoughts. Once you regain your independence, you will start to enjoy on your own! Because there is nothing wrong in being alone. In fact, this is a wonderful opportunity to improve and make yourself happy!

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