Coping with Separation Anxiety


We have often heard the term “separation anxiety” in relation to children. It is a disorder where a child show anguish and worry when separated from his/her loved one especially from the parent. But hardly ever we hear any adult suffering from separation anxiety. However, separation anxiety in adult is similar as that faced by children. But in adult, the attachment is most likely to be with a spouse or a friend. It is often seen that children who suffer from anxiety disorder often grew up living an anxiety free life. And children who never experienced separation anxiety in their growing years often develop this later in their life.

People who are anxious about their relationship often worry that they will lose their partner when separated from them. These thoughts are basically fantasy thoughts which have no resemblance with reality. People who suffer from separation anxiety live a difficult life because they experience a number of emotions which takes a toll on their life. They constantly worry about losing their loved one and feel helpless thinking that they are unable to do anything. They wait anxiously to reconnect with their partner and feel exhausted.

Ways to cope with high anxiety levels….

Fortunately there are a number of ways that will help you to cope with separation anxiety when away from your loved one.

Calm down—understand that your thoughts are overly sensitized. Remind yourself that your partner is busy at the moment which does not mean s/he has forgotten you. Choose wisely where to place your attention and concentrate on positive things,

Get yourself busy—read a good book or spend time with your friends. Keep yourself away from thinking about what is scaring you and slowly you will notice a difference in your thoughts.

Avoid seeking reassurance—as it will only serve to raise your stress level.

Think positive—instead of thinking something bad that can happen, think of all the positives like “now I will have me-time to catch up on things which I don’t get time for”.

Write dairy—express your emotions and feelings by writing about it in your dairy. It will help your brain to overcome emotional upsets.

Separation anxiety is actually a war that you are fighting in your head. For the other person, there is actually no issue. And here is the trap- you will feel neglected, since your partner does not feel the same as you feel. When you will return home, you find your partner in a perfectly normal state of mind. This is fine and this is what it should be, because separation and reunion are a normal part of life. You have to understand that nothing disastrous is going to happen with your significant other in your absence. Once you start accepting this, you will leave behind your anxious thoughts and handle separation in different positive ways.

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