How to Conquer your Fear of flying ?

Conquer your Fear of flying

Do you wish to travel to your dream destinations but the idea of flying put you off from taking any actions? This is called aerophobia or the fear of flying and this is something many people suffer from. Statistically though, flying is one of the safest ways to travel but still many people suffer from some form of flight anxiety. No doubt, statistics alone cannot eliminate your fear, but there are ways and techniques which will help you overcome your fear and start exploring new places.

To conquer your flight anxiety you must first figure out what triggers your fear. For some, the fear may arise from bring ‘trapped’ in the airplane for several hours while some other may get overwhelmed with anxiety during the flight. While for many others, the fear of crashing also add to panic attack. So first of all, you need to identify with your fear because it will go a long way in overcoming your phobia.

Overcoming your fear of flying….

The thing with fear is that the more you know about it, the less uncertainty there will be for you to worry about. So familiarize yourself with everything that you can about flying and know what to expect during the flight. Read on information about typical bumps and noises that may occur during a flight and information on turbulence and ear pops when the plane moves up and down etc. This will diminish your fear because when presented with an unusual circumstances you will not start assuming the worst once you become knowledgeable.

It is also very helpful to read about the inner working of an aircraft. In one study it has been found that people fear more about the mechanical problems that can take place during a flight. There are many forces at work to make your plane journey as comfortable and as safe as possible. And the more you know about the science behind this, the more safe and comfortable you will feel. So our advice will be to read as much as you can and it will help you to get over your fear of flying.

Learn how to manage your anxiety in general by being mindful. You can start by meditating, doing yoga, taking time out for relaxing or walking to slow down and to control your anxious thoughts. Lower your intake of caffeine especially before flight as caffiance can make you more anxious. Remember that risk is a also a part of life. Accept the fact that you can’t control the future and what will be will be. Try to completely ease your mind and distract yourself from the little things that make you nervous about flying. Focus on the positive aspects of your journey and soon you will find that flying is actually not as much of a threat as you thought .

Another way to overcome your fear is to distract yourself as much as possible. There are many ways to distract your mind. You can watch anything that you have being wanting to watch for a long time like your favourite TV episodes or may be you can bring some of your pending work and start doing it! Find anything that works for you as it can help pass the time and make you forget your fear.

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