Breaking Free From The Fear Of Making Mistakes

Fear Of Making Mistakes

The fear of making mistakes is one of the greatest barriers in taking actions towards our goal. This fear is actually a combination of many fears. The fear of ridicule when making any mistakes, the fear of looking bad in front of others when you make a mistake, fear of losing your self-confidence when you fail, fear of the loss of time and resources spent – all these fears combined together leads to this one big fear of making mistakes.

We all know that to err is human. It is in the human nature to make mistakes. After all if we don’t make mistakes it means we are not experimenting enough to get the result we want. To break free from this fear you need to move past the idea of perfectionism, because perfectionism is an unattainable task. It is unrealistic and it stops you from trying new and different things.

How to break free from the fear of making mistakes….

At the initial stage of any action, we don’t have the necessary information to make the ‘right’ decision. Therefore, we make decision based on imperfect information. It is on the later stage, when we have already taken a decision and receive more information on the process, that we find out if it was a mistake or not. Our knowledge, instincts, intuitions or emotions allow us to make decisions and they can sometimes lead to mistakes. So it is ultimately a natural human tendency to make mistakes.

Perhaps you fear that making mistakes will lead to something terrible which cannot be corrected. Or you fear that making mistakes is a sign of stupidity. It is such distorted thoughts and imaginary expectations that we have set-up for our self that leads to the fear of making mistakes. It is up to you how you interpret a situation. You can choose to look at mistakes in a negative way or take it in a positive way. When you interpret mistakes in a positive way it is much more productive since you then perceive mistakes as a learning process. Mistakes train you for life and instill a powerful focus of control within you.

You may have a tendency to beat yourself down once you have made a mistake or may feel guilty that you have let down your friends and family. When you do this to yourself, remind yourself that it is an opportunity to learn something new. This experience has taught you many things which you can apply in the future.

Another technique to overcome the fear of making mistake is to deliberately start making some mistakes. Little by little start making some mistakes so that you come across as an imperfect person. Consciously put yourself in such situations that you generally avoid out of fear that things will go wrong. For example, go to a meeting a little late or try a new eatery without researching about it or discuss your weakness with people etc. When you do this exercise frequently you will notice that you are getting comfortable with making mistakes. You may notice that at the beginning you are still anxious about the whole process but don’t be discouraged and keep trying. This exposure technique will help you come out of your comfort zone and you will be more certain of what will happen in different circumstances.

So let go of your fear and allow yourself to really experience life!

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