Imperfection Is A-Okay – Conquering Toxic Perfectionism


We all have things that we’d like to do better… whether it be perfecting that piano solo, consistently hitting that three-point basket, submitting a perfect report on the job, or simply being the perfect, charming dinner date. A quest to improve is part of what makes us human and high-value citizens… but that quest, for…

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Beat Your Technophobia and Step Into Possibilities


For many people, technology is a must-have – a component of their daily lives. In fact, many people feel lost if they forget their smartphone at home. However, there is another subset of people who feel quite the opposite. The idea of owning a cell phone is repulsive and the idea of booting up a…

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Overcome Your Shyness


You find yourself in social situations – a friend’s party, a work function – it’s part of life, after all. But you hate going, having to interact with people you don’t know. Inevitably, there is a group there that just stands out – that clearly knows one another and enjoys the mingling – the laughing…

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Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder


You’re at the top of your career game, climbing the ladder and exceling at your current position in every way – but there’s one thing holding you back; fear of social situations. It isn’t that you don’t like people – you do. And once you’re in the swing of things, you’re usually fine and have…

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Overcoming Fear of Expanding Your Business


Every business owner has their own goals, but for many, success is defined by their business’ size and income. That said, there are many reasons that business owners choose to stay where they are; however, while there is something to be said about being stable and comfortable, there is also something to be said against…

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Move Past Your Fears


Every fear, every phobia, every anxiety is a bit different – and beyond that, every person experiences them differently. One person may experience nausea and sweating while another finds themselves completely paralyzed and unable to move when called to the front of the room to make a presentation. Just as everyone’s fears and how they…

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Overcome Your Fear of Personal Relationships and Find Value


We all have different personality types – but even introverts need people to talk to and, more than that, to connect to. Personal relationships are just that – they’re personal – and they require us to let other people in and get to know us in addition to us making the effort to get to…

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Don’t Fear Failure – Fear Missing out on Life


You know what they say… “you always miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” However, to someone with an intense fear of failure, it reads more as “if you don’t take the shot, you can’t fail.” A fear of failure is natural – after all, who doesn’t want to succeed in their endeavors?…

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Overcoming the Fear of Earning an Income


For many, our incomes are what keep us going back to work every day, providing not only a means on which to pay rent and purchase food, but to indulge in hobbies and pleasures. That income provides financial freedom and helps us to feel valued by our organizations. Yet, there are others to whom that…

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Overcome Your Fear of Criticism and Feedback, Gain the Power to Succeed


It happens in different ways, but appears throughout your life and throughout life’s various aspects. At home as a child, your mother asks you to wash the windows again because there are several spots you missed. In adult life, your wife mentions that she wishes you were more confident speaking in front of people and…

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