Andrew Sharman

Principal, Andrew Sharman Safety & Risk Consulting

Andrew Sharman

Andrew has almost 20 years experience in organizational safety management and leadership gained across a range of industry sectors including mining; manufacturing; power generation and supply; fast moving consumer goods; financial services; and heavy industry. He consults widely with a wide range of blue chip corporations and non-government organizations around the globe and has experience of more than 100 countries on 5 continents.

His twin passions are in the areas of organizational governance and corporate culture. He holds a Masters degree in International Law, and another Masters in Organizational Behaviour – the latter for his work focussing on the dichotomy of boardroom fear and decision-making in shaping workplace cultures.

Far from being risk-averse, Andrew loves ‘high risk’ adventure sports including climbing, free flying, sea kayaking and swimming with sharks. He uses these pursuits to re-energise the language, perceptions and functions of safety and risk management to align the disciplines with broader organizational issues to drive positive impact and enhance the performance of individuals, teams and businesses.

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